Pengalaman UNGS 2016


Well hello and welcome new juniors to iium. I think i haven't story or share anything about ungs yet.

I'm pretty sure you are all excited and somewhat eager to start learning. *sengih sikit. Since i will be writing and flashing back my ungs that i took last year. I might skip some part and forgot this and that. So bare with me yeah?

Lets us get to know what (UNGS) is actually?
It is the short form of Universal General Studies. It will teach us about Islam, what is the purpose of human live in this world, prophethood, Al-Akhirah and many more.It is more to like rka subjects for those who took foundation in iium would probably know it.
The Subjects

These are the only 3 subjects you will be learning and its all conducted at the respected kulliyyah. For me as medical student, we were divided into 3 groups.
My experience Learning
Truely saying that i am not a person who indulges in history reading and load my brain with high standard English and all. To be taking and learning these subjects is a bless because it opens a whole new opportunities for me to learn about Islam and its interesting facts and stories. 

During my time, there was only 2 lectures who teaches my class which is Dr Salah and Dr Hasyi (Razak). Up until now i can still remember the way they teach. The smile they gave us. The laughs we had. The stories they share. I can still picture it.

During ungs, it was my first time entering the kulliyyah of medicine and to be sitting in the lecture hall. Hokay..nak kata aku jakun masuk lecture hall walaupon ada kerusi and basic stuff je pon ada. However, tahap kebekuan di dalam bilik itu sangatlah sejuk. Terasa macam belajar kat luar negara kay.... dengan baju sweater and coat bagai kami pakai.

The learning method was simple. In my class you jut got to sit and listen. Dozing of naturally is so simple. And truly said, i've adapted to sleeping with my eyes open. hahahaha. Not to mention, those who spontaneously put their head on the table or hiding behind their friends head to avoid being caught by the lecturer. My lectures was super awesome and they made our life ever so simple and easy. All we had to do for the assignments was just to read and article and a book of prophet muhammad and after that summarizing it in one whole page. There are also a few other assignments. 

But believe me it was so simple. Not that easy because we had to actually read it. But anyway, its not that hard though. Other groups had to do more challenging assignments like outside work and interviewing some resourceful people. I could simply say that, my group had a lot of time to relax with not much group work compared to others...hahaha

Time Management
I don't have to say a lot about this because during ungs you actually have a lot of spare time. I repeat A LOT. This only apply if you completed your assignments early and avoid procrastination.Then you can have all your time to watch movies, scroll Instagram, tweeting and so on. Its just the matter of fact how who manage you time. Simple kan?

First thing first, when talking about ungs exam, you should put in mind it is not that difficult. Know why? Sebab you can always goreng your answer and put all the spices and additional ingredients in it and your done. One more thing, this only applies if you read the notes which have been given. At least, flip laa sikit nota tu. Kalau tak faham pon, at least bincang laa dengan kawan. So, bila dalam exam room tu, takdelah blank sangat. Sorry, but i totally forgot what was my exam question. Cannot recall them. lol! 

And yeah, its not an mcq questions. All long notes. So good luck on that also. Ungs have 2 time exam. Mid and final. The mid exam is quite easy. It depends on your respective lectures to do it. 

 Short notes for you guys...

Learning ungs might be boring to most of you. But believe me, there is something beneficial at least you could grab from it. May it not be big, but small is appreciable. Don't be a student who only thinks for worldly knowledge only, but lets us be the students who grabs both sides, akhirah and worldly knowledge.
I still save my lectures slides with me. If you would like to see it, kindly drop your email at the comment space. At least you can get a brief idea of what you are learning. hehehe

Thats all i guess. well good luck and have fun ber-ungs!

Ungs group 1