Med Sch Tutorial


yeay! block 3 year 1 have ended today. And this means road to end of block is nearer. 

Strike of low momentum is practically hitting me hard cause i am lacking the motivation to study and this is so not good. However, i don't go mocking myself and getting away from books. I just need a slight break from it and have a me time. That shall solve it. Plus finding some motivation on the internet shall fix my lifeless endings.

I am going to share the freaks of being a medical students which you might know or maybe not. Follow my labels : med sch Story. And this might be some reflection on you juniors to feels a slight taste and exposure when medics hit on you. So here goes. My highlights is based on my own experience to share bits and pieces in my med school journey. So, there might be pleasant stories and some are bumpy ones. Hence, just enjoy the ride.

When talking about medical students, people seems to have that high expectation as if we know all those medical and braininess terms. Like duuuuhh...we've only a year med student. And we are still learning. Its common when we cannot answer in class. Even the simplest question would get our gut shrink and our toes tingle. 


In med school at my university, tutorial is usually done 3 weeks after we started our new block system. and there will be several tutorials when a topics end. Tutorial is just a one hour class that allows students to ask questions, do mcq and be questioned by the lecturers. It depends on the lecturer on how they conduct their tutorial. Some are fun, some are strict, some are interesting and many more. 

But mostly, i would get butterfly feelings when there is a tutorial that is been questioned by the lecturer. This means the lecturer will ask a question to us. And they expect and answer. And we had to answer it out loud in class.

You see, sometimes, we had not the time to read that particular topic and the next day is tutorial day. Seems like a loser for not being able to answer why this and why that. And most of the time i would look down to my paper and don't quite bother to look at the lecturer's face. scared! of course!

On the bright side, tutorial is a good practice and exposure for us all med students. Here's a lesson that i learnt this week. Few weeks ago i wasn't that interested in reading antibiotics. And believe me, those antibiotics notes are a lot to digest. And yes, there are so many weird names. But, for the sake of tutorial and marks taking by the lecturer, i read it anyway.

 I read and memorize it in one night. Gigih sampai tidur pun termimpi antibiotic. On the next day, alhamdulillah, i could answer the 36 mcq questions. Well, ada yang hentam je,, but anyway, mostly i can answer. So, i am so thankful to the lecturer which i call her Dr antibiotic for making us all scared to death and by believing her that she would take our marks to be added in the final exam. After all, it was just a trick for us to read. Good one Dr! and thank you.

Every time there was a tutorial, i would freak out. I wasn't prepared anyway. But i still tried my best though. Its not like you can absorb everything at one night. Common you lot. If you are a medical student and you are practically reading this, please don't deny that every tutorial class, you would actually shiver and your bowel seems to be functioning well at that time. Eyes on the clock, hoping it would tick faster. Beg so that the Dr would not call out your name. Oh well, that's normal. It wouldn't have been normal if you're so looking forward to tutorial class. 

Don't get me wrong, tutorial class is important and very beneficial for us students. I'm just giving you an idea what you will feel like if you entered the tutorial session. Last note, don't try to skip tutorial class. And if you do, please make it undetectable..teheee

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