Center Sterile Supply Department


Have you ever been to the CSSD unit in the hospital. Well, recently in my block 3, we have this kind of hospital visit where medical students are allowed to enter the center sterile supply department in htaa, kuantan.

PBL mates

There is this one topic in our microbiology subject which teaches us about sterilization and disinfection. In the CSSD, the person in charge showed us the steps they did to sterilize the surgical equipment, doctors robe and packaging it to next usage.  For more information, you can google or read from books.

So, its all about briefing. I repeat briefing only. No need to feel anxious and all that. Just set up your ears and eyes. And one more, set up your camera for pictures and selfies after that ( useful tips hokayy)

 Firstly, the person in charge showed us where they clean, wash, soap and heat up the equipment after receiving it from the surgical theater or any department of hospital. Quite hard work needed if the machine is not functioning because they had to scrub all the equipment by hand before the next process to proceed.

They also showed us the autoclave machine, the heat machine. There was also, a tape that changes color showing it is heated up already. And this thin card called the Bowie's' Dick test to check for air leaks.
example of Bowies Dick test


Basically, its all about what they do in the background scene. And there is only one CSSD in htaa hospital. And they had to like, prepare sterile equipment and all for the whole hospital need. Quite a big responsibility i must say. But, pity them, little appreciation they got from us.

This is how it looks like when packaging of sterile equiments. credit pic: google

Another interesting thing was about the clothes that we wore. I can simply say it is a gown maybe. Its the clothes doctors and health practioner wears when they enter a sterile room or surgical area. The clothes was to reduce the spread of bacteria. This was actually our first time trying on the sterile robe. And it was way funny on how we wrongly wore it. And our fussiness on how this and how that. Please tie my robe. Please fix me. Please this and please that. How funny to be remembering it back. Well, newbie can be such a fuss anyway....Hehehehe

 Even shoes from the outside , are not allowed to wear inside the room. Hence, that is why they've asked us to bring another clean "slipper" to wear. Don't juggle up outside shoes and inside foot wear. Knowing the demand of the "slipper", hence, gigihlaaa semua orang basuh and berus slipper jamban yang ada before the day of event. Lucu omg! I didn't brought my toilet slipper, instead, i wore my "crocks". Eh, never seen one eh? 

like this

So that's all for my second hospital visit. It was surely fun and very informative. Eventhough there are some (many actually) blur time during the briefing. Note to self, to READ before attending the the hospital visit. All in all, thank you nurses and the people involved. It was indeed a fun visit!