MedicVille 2017


For the past two weeks it was rather hectic for me and my friends. With an annual program so called MedicVille. I probably say it was one of the most memorable event i had so far.

Just a quick recap on what MedicVille is. It is a program for medical student in which the students are divided into houses under respective names such as Robbins, Lippincott, Katzung, Netter and Guyton. And all of this houses names are actually the author's name of famous medical textbook. Each house will compete with each other in three major games which are explorace, running doctors and also the finale, talent time. The aim of this program is to strengthen the bond between juniors and seniors. So, ala-ala macam family day gituu.

Basically, according to tradition, first year student will have to do talent time show as their welcoming remarks to the kulliyyah of medicine. I've heard of this statement before and was very determined not to join in the program cause i have no talent at all. Whatzzz???

Before that, let me enclose that i am one of ROBBINS clan. On our very first meeting. i did not present myself as i had no intention to involve in it. However, the feeling urge me to go to the second meeting in which I suddenly become excited to know what were our planning for the talent time show. Out of sudden i was recruited as the head of scriptwriters for the talent time show.

I have to clarify that i have zero idea and experience on this kind of work. Serious talk i was blank the minute i was given the job scope. But fret not, i did not decline the task given and accepted it proudly. Only God knows how my heart was screaming ever so hardly, pushing and throbbing this task. Damn i don't know where to start. However, i was blessed to be given the most helpful and understanding teammates. Hannah, Arfa and Hiza i owe you guys a lot. Okay, lets save the appreciation part in my last paragraph.

To story every single detail of our preparation might take weeks for me to write non stop. So let me break it into three parts. The PLANNING, The PRACTISE, The TALENT TIME


Basically, the talent time show was dominantly controlled by first year student which is supervised by our seniors. In our team, we had the leader, assistant leaser, director, scriptwriters, props, plan makers and multimedia team. We are a small group that consist of 25 students only. 

The theme of the talent time show was War and Freedom and we had to mix match ideas to fit in the story line. To be truth, our story line was very simple and direct. Easy for the audience to digest and our concept was warrior and king like Merlin. 

Brainstorming and performing the task given was the most hardest part i guess. After the plan maker briefed their ideas, the scriptwriter had to get their imaginary caps on to imagine the play. From start to end. With the dialog lingering around our head. The lights off and on. The time props had to switch in and out of stage. Different kinds of music and sounds were suggested. And all of that i had to present in front of the group meeting.

Our ideas was discussed, debated, suggested and some part was changed and cut off to make it better. being a scriptwriter was not in a one day work. It was a working and flowing work throughout the preparation. When one not satisfied, we amend the script. When one wants to add any dialogues or act, we note it down. Print it and distribute the script. Yes, hard work. 

Not to mention, the multimedia team witch consist of two main person Zain and Izz also feel the struggle. with the video, sound searching, cut off and fixing it with the time. Plus alertness is very crucial. The props was also awesome. Farah imanina and her team with their creative ideas. Creating the sword, crown, making and burning papers to make maps. You guys were awesome. Mostly, what the scriptwriter requested, they try to full fill and i know it was hard work with limited hands to help. 

The ScriptWriters


We had limited amount of people to participate in our play. And i was one of "bidan terjun" to be one of the actors. Trying another task which i have zero talent in it was hard. I can say that again. 

The actors consist of a King, thabib (ala-ala gaious in Merlin), 5 tribe leaders and ibrah person. We practised around 2 weeks. And mostly took the evening slot to do our practise. With the limited time and days, we worked really hard to make our play some what interesting. I could say, every part and session their was additional ideas from our team. Our play was supervised by our second year senior. At first, our plan in one of the scene was to put a dance battle between the tribes. But, the seniors thought it was kinda not suitable and not appropriate. So, we changed it to real fighting scene with swords. Another props was added. Phew! 

From 2pm until 7pm each day we practiced each scene. And each scene i cannot stand to laugh. Being so not professional, i admit it was hard to make that strict face with your team watching at you. Although i have not many lines to memorize but still, it was pretty hard. The other actors was great! I personally astonished at Dhia, Syahmi, syukri and hiza with their dedicated work and feeling throughout the practice. 

The sword fighting scene was epic. I wasn't the dominant fighter. Syahmi and Dhia was. Their moves was cool and all. That particular scene we had to do extra practise to make it nice and real. Although ada yang ter-slip and I hampir terlanggar syukri in the fighting scene. Epic!!

2 days before the real event day, Lippincott house sent theor poster. Lawa dia pergh. I was a bit jelous of their poster. And insisted to ask whether our house have any poster to viral. The time i asked them was actually late and the event is just the next day. I don't want to bother the multimedia team cause they have other work to do. So, syukri was the one who volunteered to do the poster.

After the practice, i could not sleep. I was too eager waiting for syukri to send the poster. I waited. I rolled down the bed. Scrolled Instagram. Tweet on twitter but there was no sign of syukri's message. I insisted to call him. To my surprise, their mahallah had a sudden wifi server down. I quickly took his task and create ROBBINS's poster at 1 am. Alhamdulillah i finished an hour later and felt ever so proud of myself for being an emergency   helper at the last minute. Self appreciation is much applauded thank you.

My finished work


The day of the event was the most awaited one. All of the Robbins crew gathered at 6 in the evening. We rehearsed again and touched up any parts. Now, the urge to pee is at its limit. The nervousness is at its peak. Hands sweating, heart beating fast. 

Our group was the second one to perform. At around 8.45pm we watched the first performance by the Katzung house. They were very good and the storyline has some sad bit which touched my heart. Okay, not gonna cry here.

During the first performace, we (the actors) had butterfly feelings and was motivating each other that we can do it. In -shaa Allah with our hard and dedicated work we can do this together. Recitation of doa within our teams. We are ready. Let's make the audience mesmerize. 

The time had come. The Video started as our initial starter and our opening remarks of the show. Walked down the auditorium lane and up on stage. I can't believe i'm standing on the stage right now. And all eyes was watching us. The play started. Alhamdulillah our play did not take long and it was practically within the time limit. Another achievement i must convey to all our team. I was touched by our end scene. In which the Kingdom of Malarie had reached its freedom and unity. We invited all the Robbins crew and senior to join the stage and shout together "LET'S MAKE KOM GREAT AGAIN". Bulu roma i terangkat tau. It was just too sweet to remember.

And Alhamdullilah we are done! Now, could relax and watch the other team perform. They were all good actors! Daebak!

You must be wondering what our play was all about. Here is the opening video which details the talent time show. Credit to the Multimedia team. Good Job! Just saying, that only our house had prepared a video. Although their was a slight problem before the event. With no LCD projector available to be used and all. Anyway, the team made  a quick call to rent the LCD projector and the problem settled before we know it. 



Alhamdulillah talent time won FIRST PLACE! Didn't expect the winning. Blessed of course. The explorace and running doctors we won second place mostly and the overall result was. ROBBINS SECOND place. Couldn't be  any happier. Alhamdulillah. Congrats also to all houses. You've all did well!


Thank you guys for making the event and talent time successful. Although their were ups and down but alhamdulillah we've managed it well. All roles and task were important. All crew dedicate their heart in this play. All crew was fantastic. Thank you. without the director, plan makers, multimedia and especially to the most awesome props team, we surely couldn't make it all the way through. Once again thank you.

Hoping that our message to convey to the audience has reach its destination. Final words! MedicVille done yo!

" I came in with zero ideas but came out with a whole new experience"

(my acting name)